5 Benefits of Graviola Leaf Tea

September 27, 2017

5 Benefits of Graviola Leaf Tea

If you are looking to find out what the benefits of Graviola Leaf Tea are, you have come to the right place. The benefits of Graviola leaf tea have been known for centuries, but only recently made it’s way into the western modern world. Way back when it was used to get rid of lice, but that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg as to what the benefits of Graviola leaf tea include. For your ease I have comprised a list of 5 benefits of Graviola leaf tea.

5 Benefits of Graviola Leaf Tea.

  1. Increased levels of energy.
    Graviola leaf tea has energising properties in to keep you going all day. Say goodbye to the afternoon nap.
  2. Helps maintain healthy heart and nerves.
    Graviola leaf tea helps with your body's blood circulation, it helps to prevent nerve damage and gives an extra boost to your metabolism, which is great for weightless by the way. These three reasons add up to mean that your heart will function better, and there is the possibility that there would be less of a likelihood for your nervous system to be damaged as age creeps in.
  3. Supports immune system.
    Graviola leaf tea has all the needed properties to give your immune system that extra kick needed to withstand colds and everyday illnesses. What the Graviola leaf tea does is ward off the free radicals that damage your health, and instead ensure that you and your immune system stay strong and in great health. So you can worry less about a cold and more about what to wear on your night out.
  4. Keep you regular.
    Graviola leaf tea is high in fiber. This, frankly speaking, when digested frequently will help keep you going to the toilet when you need to and reduce your insides from clogging up. It let’s the nasty stuff out.
  5. Helps maintain healthy joints and nerves.
    Not only does Graviola leaf tea have all these other great benefits, but it is also wonderfully rich in phosphorous and calcium. These two elements are there to aid your bones in strength and decrease the risk of joint and bone problems.

The benefits of Graviola leaf tea does not stop there. It is also extremely tasty. You can mix it in with so many foods, or add it to your smoothie bowl before you snap a pretty picture for instagram.  

Extra Benefits

You might be wondering why there are so many benefits to Graviola leaf tea. Well, let us talk a little more scientifically. Before Graviola gets turned into a leaf tea, it can be found as a fruit on a small tree in tropical America. The Graviola fruit comes packed with minerals and vitamins such as B1, B2 and C just to name a few. As with bananas and coconut, it is rich in potassium to keep you hydrated, calcium for strong bones, Zinc for your metal intake, phosphorous to keep you glorious and magnesium.  

The leaves of the Graviola plant also comes with it’s own set of antioxidants. Coenzyme Q10 is great to fight off free radicals, to make sure that your body is working exactly as it should.

Now that you have read the great benefits of Graviola leaf tea I am sure you are keen to go boil some water to make some tasty Graviola leaf tea.

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