How to Spring Back into Action

May 05, 2017

How to Spring Back into Action

Winter has come and gone. The snow has thawed, the sun is shining and after months of snuggling away indoors, many of us are itching to get back outdoors and delight in the magic of spring.

If you found yourself not exercising as much as you would have liked, now is the perfect time to spring back into action and get back in shape. This means reverting to a healthier diet, touching base with the garden and plenty of outdoor exercise – enjoying those evening strolls, biking, running and other fitness routines that tickle your fancy.

Following months of inactivity though, our bodies have been conditioned to inertia. This means we need to exercise caution before jumping right into the thick of things because it could take a toll on the muscles and joints, resulting in injury.

Easy does it

The key to getting in shape for spring is to keep things simple. Remember that you have been in hibernation for several months so be realistic and understand that you just cannot pick up your training where you left off – and don’t be frustrated if you are not able to.

Too fast of a full return can lead to muscle soreness or injury; so can too much activity.

Start small, and increase your intensity gradually. A good rule of thumb is to start out at half of where you left off – if you were running for 30 minutes, start out at 15 and ease into it slowly, increasing 5 minutes each week until you reach your target.

You will get there in no time.

Find a workout you enjoy

If you have activities you love doing, you will enjoy being active once more. Yes, even if that means a walk down a favorite path, or spot. Just anything you can to do get your body moving.

The idea is eliminate that age-old I-don’t-have-the-time-to-exercise excuse by partaking in an enjoyable activity that allows you to exercise at the same time. It will put you in a better place mentally.

Lighten the load with nutrition

This spring, switch the hot chocolate with some herbal tea. And in place of the sugar-loaded muesli bars, it’s time to introduce fresh fruit and veggies back into your diet.

Good nutrition is a key pillar of your health and wellness, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Or monotonous. Whip up a delicious, healthy smoothie for the day – here are some great spring ideas to get you started – and toss some salad onto the plate.

Forget counting calories and carbs. You don’t need to be so mechanical. Just try some delicious and healthy recipes that leave you feeling refreshed and you’re sure to enjoy every minute of it!

Recruit a personal trainer or enlist a buddy

You’ve heard the phrase there’s strength in numbers, right? Well, it certainly rings true when it comes to matters fitness.

Whether it’s a personal trainer or fitness buddy you prefer bringing on board, they both can motivate you to stay committed and accountable to your fitness goals.

Don’t overload yourself gardening

After months of hanging up your gardening gloves, approach gardening and maintenance bit by bit. This will help avoid common problems like muscle soreness, knee, shoulder or back injuries sustained from pruning, lifting, kneeling or bending.

It is easy to get carried away and spend the entire day or weekend out in the garden after a sedentary winter. But this sudden increase in activity or load only serves to overload the body.

Keep hydrated

It needs no telling that drinking more water is one of the simplest and most natural ways to achieving a healthier you. Its list of benefits rolls on and on – aids digestion, boosts metabolism, nourishes the skin, re-energizes the body for upcoming workouts etc. etc.

Keep a bottle handy this spring, not to wash away the guilt, but to really make you feel good when you down it. Here is a guide on the best water to drink.


Follow these simple tips and you’ll find yourself shedding those winter kilos in no time and have a bikini body just in time for beach season!


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