How to Stay Fit this Summer

June 20, 2017

How to Stay Fit this Summer

Many of us spend months exercising for summer, and when it rolls around, most of our efforts go up in smoke. Why? Duh, it’s carefree season – barbecue in the backyard, patio drinks and frozen cocktails, binge-watching our favorite TV shows and movies we’ve been holding off, or embarking on that much anticipated summer getaway.

We get it, summer is all about letting loose. But it doesn’t mean you have to fall off the wagon when it comes to your fitness. There are plenty of ways especially during this time of year to get moving.

Below, we share a few enjoyable ones!

Morning walks

Mornings during the summer months are glorious. I mean, the sun is a big beautiful face of joy and the sunrise is lovely, the skyline is wonderfully lit, and the temperature feels just right.

Sparing just 20 minutes for a morning saunter can work wonders for your energy levels and blood flow, not to mention uplifting the mood. It can also be a great springboard into more productive exercise, but if you prefer leaving it there, fair enough – something’s better than nothing, right?!

Join some community-sponsored activities

It’s common to find communities offering summertime activities like T-Ball for kids, community softball leagues or resident hikes in trails close by.

If there are some in your area, consider taking part as they help keep you in shape while also offering the chance to know new people in the vicinity.

Try different workouts

As much fun as it can be when you’re used to it, sticking to a workout plan can get a bit tedious. You know the brain, monotony is a killer. Thankfully, summer presents an opportunity to shake things up and try something new.

Find some different ways to exercise that you are not used to; the web is full of ingenious workouts and fitness plans to see you through your lifetime, if you ever are in need of fresh ideas.

If you normally exercise indoors, take the action outdoors every few days – make the most of your surroundings. If you love a good run, mix it up with one or two days of swimming. Or take on a sport such as tennis. Not only is it a fantastic way to keep the whole body fit, but there is nothing like picking up a new skill.

That’s the true beauty of summer!

Mindful eating

When on vacation, it’s easy to backslide on your healthy eating habits because you tend to eat out more.

Eating healthy on holiday doesn’t mean to deny yourself the chance to sample the local delicacies – for what better ways to enjoy a sojourn abroad than trying out the different cuisine! And assuming you’re not far off from your area code, popular snacks like pizza, fries and burgers are ubiquitous.

It’s good to spoil yourself every now and then, so go right ahead. But abstain from over-indulgence as this is one sure way to pack up a few pounds. There are plenty of healthy foods you can enjoy without feeling like you’re restricting yourself. Think fish, chicken, lean meat, fruits or a good serving of vegetables.

If you’re home, take regular trips down to the farmers market. They are great spots to find fresh, flavorful, whole foods while also shooting breeze with the local growers.

You can also opt for grilled options over fried foods. After all, it’s summer, isn’t it?

Keep hydrated

Classic summery treats like iced tea and sugary lemonade are downright refreshing and enjoyable. It’s good to take them in moderation though, as they are infused with calories and do little to keep you hydrated.

The magic that is plain H2O is the best way to stay hydrated in the warm months and also during exercise. If you need it tastier, think of healthy add-ons such as a few slices of fresh citrus fruit. And while we are talking fruits, another way you can stay fit in summer is to try out different fruit drinks and smoothies. We got some great ideas for you.

Staying fit in summer is no doubt a wonderful thing. This doesn’t mean you should demand too much of yourself, however – unless you were planning on making it purely a workout summer. Remember it is a season brimming with great opportunities to stay fit while having fun at the same time.

Instead of lying by the pool and reading all day, why not get the best of both worlds by moving around a little. By the time the season ends, you will have a trove of happy memories to treasure.

How do you normally stay fit in summer? Share some tips with us!



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